The World Health Organisation (WHO) in South Africa is looking for health system experts in South Africa to help it with providing support to government in its endeavour to move to Universal Health Coverage (UHC) through the implementation of its National Health Insurance (NHI) plan. According to the WHO, the idea is to develop a CV database of local health system experts with high-level expertise on core health systems functions and issues that the organisation could hire on a need basis to assist it in providing technical assistance to the South African government to accelerate progress towards UHC.

The experts will work at varying levels of seniority to contribute to the development of technical documents, evidence generation and knowledge brokering across a number of technical areas and issues. They will work with WHO Health Systems and Services (HSS) Cluster to help provide high levels of technical and tailored evidence to inform health system decision making process in the following key areas:

  • Health Governance, policies and regulations; (Setting the health system wide polices, norms and standards, strategic partnerships, systems design, regulations, accountability, public health and health in all policies)
  • Health economics and financing (economics of health, health financing instruments and mechanisms, investment in health, value for money and sustainability, contracting and provider payment mechanisms, defining and costing benefit packages)
  • Health workforce and labour market (HRH skill mix, forecasting and planning, retention, mobility, workforce migration and performance management)
  • Health information systems, health research and evidence (Metadata and data standards, Monitoring and Evaluation framework, Medical coding systems, Electronic health records, hospital and routine information systems, design of health surveys and operational research)
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical products including pricing policy, accessibility, affordability and availability of essential medicines and services, TRIPS and IPR issues,
  • Quality of care and service delivery (integrated people centred health services, standard treatment guidelines and referral pathways, clinical governance, patient safety and healthcare quality, community engagement)
  • Digital health and innovations (Information Communication Technology (ICT) systems for health information and service delivery; health information enterprise architecture, health innovation strategies; scaling up and rolling out the transferability of policy options)

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