DUXAH has released an updated list of CPD courses currently available for all healthcare professionals.

Practitioners will need to register as a DUXAH member in order to register for the CPD courses. This they can do by accessing the DUXAH website www.duxah.edu.za and following the registration instructions accordingly.

Course descriptions and relevant points are as follows:

Managed Care Interventions: 3 General

Leadership and Influence: 2 Ethics

Considering the structure of your medical practice: 2 General

Medical Schemes Act: 3 General

Internet marketing fundamentals: 2 Ethics

National Health Act: 2 Ethics

Cyber Security: 2 Ethics

Children’s Act: 3 Ethics

Consumer Protection Act: 3 General

Budgets and Financial Reporting: 2 Ethics

POPI Act: 2 Ethics

Managing Personal Finances: 2 Ethics

Promotion to access of information Act: 2 Ethics

Negotiation Skills: 2 Ethics

Basic Bookkeeping: 2 Ethics

Human Resources:  2 Ethics

Risk Assessment and management: 2 Ethics

Prescribed Minimum Benefits: 2 General

Patient Records: 2 Ethics

Business Ethics: 2 Ethics

Lean Process and Six Sigma Training: 2 Ethics

Business Succession Planning: 2 Ethics

Business Acumen: 2 Ethics

The Cloud and Business: 2 Ethics