Dear Med Brief Africa reader,

With webinars and web-based business abounding, MediCoop has created some new financial products tailor-made for the medical and healthcare sector. These products are not possible without the inputs and cooperation of our strategic partners. The net is broadening, our sector is strengthening, and so is our cooperative


We invite you to look at our partner, Aon’s Medical Malpractice cover. Aon has many years’ experience and their comprehensive insurance broking solutions ensure that you are dealing with a company who has the financial stability and claims philosophy to respond to your needs at the time of a loss.


The latest medical equipment and technology is expensive and has a limited lifespan. With MediCoop’s asset rental finance, you can obtain the equipment you need today, and spread the payments over its lifespan, at which point you should be ready for the new available technology on the market.


The extent to which the COVID-19 pandemic effected the South African healthcare system, can be alleviated significantly by implementing high flow oxygen and non-invasive ventilators. These treatment options proved themselves extremely useful in the treatment of certain categories of COVID-19 affected patients.

MediCoop, through its partners MySleep & MyLifeCare can provide Certified N95 Masks, CPAP/BiPAP Non-Invasive Ventilators and High Flow Oxygen machines to service providers in the healthcare industry.

As part of a special agreement, medical professional and companies that purchase 200 or more N95 Respirator Masks, will receive free MediCoop membership to the value of R1,200. If you are a member already, you will receive R1,200.00 which can be added to your MediCoop shareholding account.

Visit and join our medical and healthcare cooperative financial institution. We look forward to support your practice.

*SOURCE: Content supplied by MediCoop