The increasing vulnerability of medical practices to robberies and similar incidents has prompted Johannesburg police precinct, Linden SAPS – in collaboration with the local community policy forum (CPF) – to urge medical practitioners to take note of important measures to ensure their security.

In an information brief just released by the CPF on behalf of the SAPS, medical practitioners, whether solo or in group practices, are strongly advised to adhere to the following:

·         Only take booked patients/clients – no walk-ins!

·         Record details such as contact numbers and address on booking and phone to confirm appointment beforehand

·         Notify new patients/ clients that there is no waiting room space for friends or family when making a booking. Use discretion with existing patients and clients

·         Make sure panic buttons are working and available and clearly marked

·         Don’t leave security and property gates open

·         Always make sure somebody is in reception at all times

·         Don’t leave valuable items lying around unnecessarily

·         Keep reception clear and call patients to come in a bit later if there is a delay

SOURCE: Hermann Kohloffel, NHC Health Centres, via LinkedIn