The trade union arm of SAMA has been placed under administration by the Registrar of the Labour Court in terms of Section 103A. According to a report in Times Select, the Registrar took over the trade union  after it failed to provide audited financial statements and meeting minutes as required by “its own constitution and the Labour Relations Act”.

In a statement released last week, SAMA says that it has been difficult to reconcile the uniqueness of the association with the rigidity of the Labour Relations Act.

“Doctors, due to their highly skilled and professional nature, do not fit neatly into the traditional trade union mould, and do not have the time to engage actively in shop steward roles. This means that the normal leadership structures required by the Act, and the trade union’s own adopted Constitution, could not be constituted properly. SAMA welcomes the clarity provided by the Registrar of Labour and the Labour Court that there is currently no valid leadership structure within the Trade Union,” SAMA noted in the statement.

It however emphasised that the greater SAMA non-profit company is not affected by the development and that membership contributions will continue to be used for the benefit of SAMA members.