1. What is your background?
I’m have been intrigued by all things marketing since the late 70`s and started out at Lyceum College as a career advisor. I have various marketing / management diplomas.
After joining Sanlam in 1982 as a financial planner my focus was quickly vested in the professional niche market. In 1986 I became a bank broker and I then joined Investec Bank in 1992 as an independent broker with a focus on investments. In 1998 I started my own Chauffeur Drive business, again in a niche market servicing Embassies / Corporate and VIP international clientele.  Ambassador Execudrive became a leading Chauffeur drive company.
All of the above ventures were driven with passion and high levels of service experience.
2. How was the Mediwheels concept born?
During the Covid pandemic I realised that Doctors and medical professionals are working very long hours, and don’t have time to address their personal needs – a doctor friend told me that he missed 2 opportunities to buy a car for his family and I realised that this is an opportunity to develop a service offering to fill this gap.
3. Why is a dedicated service for medical professionals necessary?
The medical industry is always under pressure time wise and there is a need to give them a vehicle procurement platform that they can trust. They are also service driven and therefore we should make sure that MediWheels meets their high service standards.
4. Who are your service providers and why were they specifically selected?
Our vehicle procurement is done by the Motus Group which has a big footprint throughout SA having access to most of the available vehicle brands.  Motus is also hugely service driven with the necessary backup systems and after sales service capabilities.
MediCoop is our primary vehicle finance service provider. They are a co-operative bank with a specific focus on the medical industry. They use state of the art technology and are an innovator of note within the medical industry – it is a perfect fit for MediWheels
We also don’t want to lose the “personal” interaction between ourselves and a client – this very important to us. We will develop the infrastructure as we grow with the view of having a dedicated client support hub.
Origin Financial is our preferred financial services provider. They have tailored made products to meet the needs of our clients  
5. What are the main benefits of the MediWheels value proposition to the medical professional?
Our vision is to have one stop solution for the medical industry – an easy, accessible, simple to understand and service-centered vehicle procurement platform and service.   
We are service driven and understand the needs of the medical industry. The scarcity of time is the primary Achilles heel of the medical industry
After sales service and support are key factors and also to live up to promises made to clients.
We want to be the most trusted name in vehicle procurement
Other benefits include:
1. Real time access to 1000’s of vehicles
2. Access to over 246 dealers
3. Online 24/7
4. Supported by a dedicated vehicle procurement specialist
5. Access to finance, tailored for the medical industry
6. Pre-qualify for finance
7. Inclusive deals (insurance and value added products)
6. Are there any competitive offerings out there?
Not that I’m aware of.
7. What are the short term goals of MediWheels?
To vest our place in the market as leaders in vehicle procurement and to provide a bouquet of value products and service to meet the needs of the medical industry
8. Is there scope for this service to expand outside of vehicles to other asset categories? 
Yes we are currently working on exciting new ideas / products and additional product lines
Watch this space !!
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