Following a request from the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF) for medical practitioners to submit additional supporting documentation with their annual Practice Code Numbering System (PCNS) renewal payment, the SA Private Practitioners Forum (SAPPF) has issued a communique to all its members advising them to pay the fees but not to complete and submit the additional documentation for which they have been asked.

In its renewal notice, the BHF has asked that practitioners submit copies of their ID, Marriage Certificate, Council Registration Certificate, proof of Council Fee payment in addition to PCNS fees payment proof as well as an accompanying signed declaration

“It is the SAPPF view that this is an unreasonable request, not backed by any regulatory requirements,” Forum CEO, Dr Chris Archer, states in the communique.

In a Med Brief Africa report last week, BHF’s PCNS head Lamees Scholtz explained that the system had been “revamped” to bring greater transparency and alignment between healthcare providers and funders.

She also indicated that the rebrand of the PCNS was a commitment by the organisation “to foster an enabling healthcare ecosystem through the use of information, ease of data exchange between all key health sector stakeholders and a connected, sustainable healthcare system for all healthcare citizens”.

Archer has given notice in response that the SAPPF legal team at Webber Wentzel has sent BHF a legal letter requesting substantiation for requiring these details: “SAPPF has also requested access to the financial information relating to the administration of the PCNS system by BHF on behalf of the Council for Medical Schemes,” Archer added.

“In the mean time we advise you to pay the fees that are due, but not to comply with completion of unnecessary forms and e.g. marriage certificate, Declaration form, etc.,” the communique concluded.


SOURCE: SAPPF Communique/Med Brief Africa