PPS Healthcare Administrators and Brandmed have joined forces to provide a digitally-enabled, outcomes-based managed care solution to address the reactive fragmented, inefficient and expensive medical care model.  

While a fundamental shift in the adoption of digital solutions has taken place transforming everyday access and delivery of quality healthcare for patients, doctors, insurers, and pharmacies alike, chronic lifestyle diseases add to the burden of medical costs, eroding access by patients to benefits where they are mostly needed. 

While the traditional managed healthcare solutions at the time of implementation in the 1990s was ground breaking, these practises have unfortunately fragmented patient care. 

“PPS Healthcare Administrators is agile to addressing emerging trends,” says Simmi Bassudev (above), CEO of PPS Healthcare Administrators, a division of the financial services group, the Professional Provident Society (PPS).

“Outcomes based patient management using technology as an enabler is now more critical than ever.  

“A partnership model is crucial to success and we have centred our approach around the GP who plays a pivotal role as coordinator of care within the health ecosystem which together with technology, transforms delivery and improves patient care. 

“Our solution will give us access to an industry-first risk score that provides clear indication of what is driving poor health outcomes and how these need to be addressed,” adds Bassudev. 

Brandmed has set-up Health Centres of Excellence with the sole purpose of creating the first independent network of medical providers for chronic disease management that is multi-disciplinary, inter-operable and outcomes-based. This includes empowering multiple GP practices across the country.

“This is a unique solution for the healthcare industry as it provides a single view, digital eco-system that empowers the patient to optimally manage their health and wellbeing needs in conjunction with their GP who is able to make informed clinical decisions and spend time engaging with patients,” adds Bassudev.

“This will reduce unnecessary expenditure such as certain tests that result in duplication and depletion of their medical benefits.

The Health Centres of Excellence include a comprehensive chronic disease management platform with electronic prescribing capabilities, clinical decision support tools and personalised risk stratification tools all in one highly secure, world-leading HPCSA and POPIA-compliant platform. Validated digital health technology and clinical decision support tools underpin the coordinated management of patients with chronic lifestyle diseases; in a way that is proactive, personalised, patient-centric, preventative and predictive.

GPs at the centres have access to real-time, smart data-driven patient, practice and population analytics to aid in precision-based medicine that supports the clinical decision-making process. It additionally extends care to the patient with a blue-tooth enabled home monitoring solution that includes a link to emergency care, virtual care consultations and on-going patient engagement tools. 

Each party is empowered with in-depth data that allows effective decision making and supports the principles of evidence-based medicine. The GP is empowered with the digital platform that provides an integrated view of the member via an electronic health record which the wellness coach has access to.  The scheme member will be able to access this information in a consumer-friendly format on their mobile or any other electronic device. 

SOURCE: Issued on behalf of PPSHA by Meropa Communications.