The South African healthcare industry has been suffering from an acute healthcare skills shortage for far too long. Healthcare practitioners have made it their life’s work to provide adequate, quality healthcare services wherever they are needed. However, for many of the country’s healthcare institutions predominantly in outlying areas and in speciality wards and facilities, the sourcing and retention of nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and allied healthcare practitioners remain challenging.

The problem stems from a variety of factors, such as the number of graduated medical students relative to the aging- and retiring healthcare workforce and the unequal distribution of healthcare practitioners across provinces.

The problem is defined by the relatively low patient-to-practitioner ratio which in South Africa stands at between 12 and 17 patients to one practitioner in wards and 18 partitioners for every 10 000 South African residents overall. The problem is compounded by various other factors including COVID-19-related hospitalisation rates, the seasonal migration of holiday makers and the pressure it puts on the healthcare services.

Given these colossal challenges, what is to be done to address the scarcity of healthcare personnel?

For most healthcare services, the answer lies somewhere between the peaks and valleys in work volume. When hospitalisation rates rise, hospital and nursing managers greatly rely on temporary and flexible healthcare staffers, such as Pple Healthcare, to help mobilise healthcare personnel to address the increased work volume.

Companies like Pple Healthcare, source top-rated nurses, doctors and allied healthcare personnel through continuous recruitment drives, and their professional recruiters and staffers, vet, and screen their locum practitioners long before they are introduced to clients.

Working in the background, Healthcare Staffers offer a unique opportunity to optimise the placement of skilled temporary healthcare staff to ensure that healthcare facilities have the right skills mix and number of personnel when and where they are needed.

Locum practitioners also benefit greatly from the flexibility offered by Healthcare Staffers as well as a greater variety of placement opportunities on offer. It is only natural that highly skilled locum practitioners are often asked to stay on permanently due to their versatility and critical skills.

Healthcare Staffers form an integral part of the South Africa’s healthcare ecosystem, supplementing temporary increases in work volume by mobilising otherwise inactive scarce skills. While Healthcare Staffers might not be able to address the entirety of the healthcare skills shortage in South Africa, companies like Pple Healthcare, contribute over half a million hours of skilled staff to the country’s healthcare system annually.

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