With Holiday Season approaching Healthcare Services in destination locations both in coastal and inland areas are faced with enormous pressure to maintain patient healthcare outcomes. Hospitals and clinics attend annually to thousands of holiday makers in otherwise quiet towns.

To ease the burden of care normally associated with South Africa’s summer holiday season Hospital and Nursing Managers rely heavily on Professional Staffing Services of Healthcare Staffers, such as Pple Healthcare, to adequately serve the influx of holiday makers.

With the assistance of contracted healthcare staffers, healthcare services can plan and pre-emptively respond to the annual increase in demand for healthcare services by redeploying healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and emergency care practitioners from areas with reduced demand.

With the 4th wave of the pandemic expected in the next month, Nursing Managers especially have been taking great care to ensure their contingency plans for nursing personnel caters for the possibility of front-line workers falling ill due to COVID-19. Relief personnel provided by trusted Healthcare Staffing Partners offer Nursing Departments with the peace of mind that highly skilled nurses are on call and available on short notice.

Partnering with a reliable healthcare staffer is the first step most any healthcare service should consider when planning for the Holiday Season.

For assistance from a leading project and locum healthcare staffer in your healthcare facility or practice, contact Pple Healthcare.

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