PACS, the hardware-intensive picture archiving and communication system developed primarily for radiology practices, is now available in South Africa as a service.

Announcing this development, suppliers ProMed have indicated that being a service largely obviates the need for the usually substantial capital outlay on hardware and software associated with PACS.

“We have implemented a solution that empowers practices to focus more on what they do best, produce radiological reports for their customers, without having to be concerned with a continuous cycle of hardware and software capital expenditure and maintenance,” ProMed note in their announcement release.

“We ensure that the necessary hardware, software, backups, and storage are in place and maintained and all that is required in return is a monthly maintenance fee,” they add.

The new service, which allows for the storing of images both in the cloud and on-premises, can be custom tailored enabling current studies to be stored on a local device and archived in the cloud, or accessed and worked on directly from the cloud.

*Source article supplied by ProMed Solutions