With the deadline looming for healthcare professionals to
complete the surveys for current practice cost studies as required by SAMA and
the SAPPF, doctors have been urged to submit their financial data to the
consortium conducting the studies immediately. According to HealthMan CEO,
Casper Venter a total 500 completed surveys have been received from various
specialties.  However, more are needed to
make the study truly representative. Venter particularly appealed to GPs to
participate in the project as they are underrepresented in the studies received
up until now. The new deadline is 28 February.

The information will assist private doctors in receiving
professional remuneration, over and above the overhead costs of running a private
practice, SAMA pointed out in a communication sent out earlier this year.

Venter emphasised that the data required only pertain to the
costs of running a practice and not to issues such as doctors’ total income or
how many patients they see. The information can be emailed to casperv@healthman.co.za or surveys@healthman.co.za

To access the surveys, go to: https://www.samedical.org/cms_uploader/viewArticle/528