The Covid-19 Doctors on Call oversight committee is appealing to all South African registered doctors to consider voluntary participation in the Covid-19 Doctors on Call Programme which offers a COVID-19 helpline to vulnerable communities to access vital information and get their questions on the virus answered.

The programme was established by the KwaZulu-Natal Doctors Healthcare Coalition (KZNDHC), in partnership with Usizo Advisory Solutions, Vula. The South African Medical Association is a Strategic Partner in this initiative.

The helpline is a national initiative and operates between 8am-5pm, Mondays to Fridays. It was established on 27 March but due to an increase in the number of calls from callers needing medical advice, more doctors are needed to help.

This a great opportunity to join the volunteering doctors, to ensure that all South Africans are able to access information, get their questions answered and understand how to handle health risks associated with the virus. Administered by a local call centre, all calls are received by a trained call centre agent, screened and then rooted to a doctor-on-call, for advice related to Covid-19. Callers only pay for a normal phone call and do not have to pay for the discussion with the doctor.

To register to participate, go to: 

• Doctors will have to sign a consent form agreeing that they are in good clinical standing, will act ethically and professionally, will abide by the NICD training protocols and will capture all information on the Vula platform.
• Doctors will complete a short online training program on the clinical protocols of the NICD with respect to screening, diagnosis, and referral in relation to Covid-19 and will be trained on the use of the Vula app.

• The process to register as a volunteer can be completed within 1 hour
• The KZNDHC admin team will check doctors’  availability on a weekly basis and allocate a one hour slot to participants per day depending on their availability.

Benefits of participation – Every life saved counts
• Defeating this epidemic will require unprecedented support from all stakeholders in South Africa, particularly healthcare works
• Your support could help flatten the curve, save our health system from being overwhelmed, protect our economy and save lives.
• You will join a vibrant community of doctors – refer below for feedback from other volunteering doctors.

For more information, contact Rosanna Naidoo on email: