As leaders in the medical malpractice insurance broking market, Aon has over 15 years’ experience in the provision of medical malpractice insurance broking solutions to medical professionals in South Africa.  We understand the investment that you have made in your career, the development of your practice and how important it is to protect not only your hard-earned assets and equipment, but your reputation as well.

Besides the essential insurance of expensive and often imported medical equipment, buildings and vehicles, medical malpractice remains a vital component to a well-structured insurance portfolio.

Medical malpractice covers you for any injury of any patient caused by a negligent act, error or omission arising out of your provision of medical services. The cover also extends to include financial loss to third parties arising out of these acts or omissions.

In order to ensure that you are adequately covered, Aon will conduct a full needs analysis and provide you with an obligation free quotation for a comprehensive insurance solution placed with reputable local insurers.  Aon’s focus is to provide professional and objective advice on comprehensive and cost-effective risk coverage solutions to medical professionals who either run their own practice or a large healthcare facility.

As specialists in this field, we understand that you require:

  • Comprehensive Cover for both professional risks and business assets
  • Cost Effective Premiums
  • Run Off Cover
  • Agreed limits of indemnity (as discussed with your broker)
  • Indemnification against vicarious liability for practitioner’s professional employees.
  • Public & Products Liability

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