Registration for the Joint ALLSA/SATS/CWIG
2019 Congress to be held from 25 to 28 July at the CSIR Conference Centre in
Pretoria is now open.

To register, go to:

Message from the organisers 

An African proverb says: ‘Wisdom is
like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it.’  This is why
we need you at the ‘Challenging Beliefs’ congress.

It is easy to fall into practices of deviance. Our congress will explore
current best practice and aim to challenge our beliefs in allergy, pulmonology,
paediatric pulmonology, primary immune deficiency and chest surgery.

It has been seven years since the previous joint ALLSA and SATS congress. This
year, the international CWIG will join us. This joint meeting will offer
delegates more than an extensive program to pick and choose from. We will
further widen the program with a number of pre-congress workshops that will
certainly interest everyone.

We trust you will appreciate our invited local speakers as much as our
international guests as we know we have world-class experts in our local
Kind regards

Prof André van Niekerk (ALLSA)
Prof Akhter Goolam Mahomed (SATS)
Dr Ivan Schewitz (CWIG)


For further information please contact the
Congress Organisers:
Londocor Event Management
Claries Roelofsz:
Leigh Du Plessis:
Tel: 011 954 5753