As part of its services, HealthMan publishes an annual review of Comparative
Medical Scheme Tariffs.  This Schedule gives practices an indication as
to the variations in tariffs in the market and functions as a guideline for
practitioners to determine their own tariff structure.  HealthMan
compiles its schedules based on information received from multiple funders,
administrators and scheme websites.  These schedules cover the 90% most
frequently used codes per discipline.
The compilation of these schedules has become more complex over the past 10
years due to different annual scheme increases, various direct payment
arrangements and differential fee increases at the same schemes, e.g. Bankmed
and Discovery. 
Please refer to the important notes and disclaimer at the bottom of the
applicable schedule before making use of it. HealthMan has sent out comparative
tariff schedules for:


General Surgery





Should you require any assistance with any of the schedules, do not hesitate to
These schedules will also be made available on the HealthMan website, in due course.