The Interim Chair of the soon-to-be-launched Health Federation of South Africa (HFSA), Prof Morgan Chetty has invited all stakeholders in the public and private health sectors to attend the official launch at the BHF Conference in July.  It will take place on 21 July at the ICC in Cape Town.

The HFSA will be part of the African Healthcare Federation (AHF) and is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) Programme that will be working with government to assist in the NHI and other health-related programmes. After the launch, it will be presented to the National Department of Health and the Government.

“This follows the success of the AHF in East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa and the AHBS III that was held at the Hyatt in Sandton in October last year. The rest of Africa has successfully demonstrated the benefit of PPPs in health and this programme is coordinated by the AHF. It is formed by like-minded people who feel that South Africa has a number of health and other stakeholders who want to work towards a successful implementation of NHI,” Prof Chetty said.

The HFSA will include all stakeholders in healthcare irrespective of their size. The only qualifying criteria is to volunteer to work and offer services in the healthcare space to implement NHI and also to participate in programmes to ensure the sustainability of NHI.

The HFSA will be invited to present in October in Addis Ababa, where the North Africa Healthcare Federation will be launched and where it will also join the East and West Africa Health Federations, Central Africa and other affiliates to the AHF.

Stakeholders wishing to attend the launch of the Health Federation of SA should contact Petra Vandenbergh at to finalise details.