The Hospital Association of SA, HASA, has asked its members, healthcare professionals and the media to assist in its efforts to communicate vital information on COVID-19 as wide as possible to the healthcare industry.

 “As we speak, the pathology labs are under tremendous pressure. So too, many hospitals. Understandably, many people are worried, and many are walking into hospitals and laboratories to demand testing. Many are asymptomatic and have not been exposed to anyone positive for the coronavirus. Consequently, supplies are under strain, staff are increasingly in distress, and hospital protocols are being disregarded. Can we start by getting this message out, that there is a protocol as to who should, and who should not be treated,” HASA Executive, Mike Peach writes in a letter.

That protocol is here, under the heading “Criteria for Person Under Investigation (PUI)”:


 Please note the following freely available
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