In new
guidelines specific to maternal-fetal medicine practitioners, published online
in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology MFM,
recommendations are presented for prenatal care in the setting of the novel
coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Rupsa C.
Boelig, M.D., from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, and colleagues
address the current COVID-19 pandemic for maternal-fetal medicine
practitioners, with the goals of reducing patient risk through health care
exposure and reducing the public health burden of COVID-19 transmission through
the general population.

recommendations relate to issues including modifications of outpatient
obstetrical (prenatal) visits, scheduling of obstetrical ultrasound, and
modification of non-stress tests and biophysical profiles. Elective or non-urgent
visits should be postponed; each patient should be called to decide on the need
for subsequent visits and/or tests.

obstetric intake should be completed remotely or by telehealth unless the
patient describes an urgent problem. Laboratory work and/or ultrasounds should
be performed at the same time as in-person visits. The routine practice of
face-to-face counseling for ultrasounds should be altered. Patients should be
instructed to obtain a blood pressure cuff if feasible to minimize other
in-patient visits.

know that these recommendations won’t cover every situation,” a co-author
said in a statement. “In areas with a higher COVID-19 incidence more restrictive
measures will likely be appropriate. This guidance is changing daily, in fact
hourly. Stay tuned.”


Boelig et al: MFM Guidance for COVID-19;