In a bid to help curb the spread of COVID-19 CompuGroup Medical is offering its CLICKDOC Video Consultation service for free to the South African medical community until the pandemic is under control.

CLICKDOC Video Consultation offers a globally trusted, high security, virtual consultation platform where the healthcare practitioner and patient can discuss sensitive medical and other private information with peace of mind. It also provides a virtual waiting room, where the healthcare practitioner can queue and triage patients, when necessary.

 Apart from using the service for patient consultations, healthcare practitioners can use CLICKDOC Video Consultation for secure departmental briefings and case meetings – e.g. in a hospital – with facilities to securely share scans, pathology results and other sensitive medical data for the period of the meeting.

Already in use by more than 65 000 doctors around the world, CLICKDOC Video Consultation meets the stringent legal privacy and data security requirements of both POPI and GDPR.

 Created in Germany, CLICKDOC is a trusted tool of doctors in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, and the United States of America. Although telemedicine cannot yet accommodate the physical interaction elements of a patient examination, CLICKDOC Video Consultation does manage to address many of the concerns the HPCSA previously had regarding telemedicine, allowing a high level of care to be delivered remotely.

 The HPCSA paved the way for the use of CLICKDOC Video Consultation in South Africa on 6th April 2020 when it announced the latest amendments to telemedicine guidelines which will apply during the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare professionals may now conduct video consultations with patients even if they have not previously established a relationship with a particular patient. This allows patients to receive high quality, vital medical and mental health support from healthcare professionals during the lockdown and beyond without having to go into the doctor’s practice and risking unnecessary exposure to the virus for all parties concerned.

 “As one of the world’s leading eHealth companies, we realised that we could help to contain the spread of the virus by offering the medical community free access to our unique CLICKDOC Video Consultation service during the pandemic,” says Mervyn Cookson, Managing Director of CompuGroup Medical South Africa. “Unlike conventional video conferencing tools, CLICKDOC Video Consultation meets with the strictest data protection requirements of both Europe’s GDPR and South Africa’s POPI legislation, with state-of-the-art encryption protecting the patient’s personal and medical information from outside interception. This is particularly important for peace of mind regarding medical, psychological, and psychiatric treatment interactions,” he added.

If you have any questions about CGM’s CLICKDOC Video Consultation tool, please contact CGM by phone or e-mail at the contact details given below:

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