MediCoop is, for all practical purposes, re-establishing the former very successful MLS Bank, only with the unique distinction and improvement that it is now owned by its clients / members. MLS Financial Services, owned by Jannie Parsons, who later changed the name to JPF is now a strategic partner and major shareholder of MediCoop. Read the story about Jannie Parsons and his journey from the old MLS Bank to becoming a key partner in MediCoop. Read more on

Your MediCoop Membership includes R30 000 Accident cover for the first 6 months and you also receive a very special REWARD exclusively for all MediCoop members and that is our must have Wildlife Magazine APP worth R360 per year that ONLY MediCoop members will receive for FREE! So become a MediCoop member and relax by enjoying everything our Wildlife APP has to offer. Read more
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The Wildlife Magazine app worth R360 per year