Physicians have considerable concerns about the efficacy and
evidence base of health information technology (IT), according to a report
published by the American Medical Association (AMA).

Noting that one of the main questions physicians have about
digital health is whether it will actually work in practice, researchers from
Partners HealthCare Center for Connected Health and the AMA conducted a review
to examine the facilitators and barriers to physician adoption of digital
health solutions.

According to the report, few papers talked about provider
adoption, with only 57 studies out of more than 3000 papers mentioning provider
adoption. Interim results showed that key facilitators of adoption include
availability of additional resources and training, access to accurate data,
positive impact on quality of care, and evidence base for the digital health
solution. Physicians encounter many frustrations every day, and they are
unlikely to use a digital health solution that is frustrating or logistically
challenging. Physicians also highlight concerns about the accuracy and
reliability of data in digital health systems. Another concern was how digital
health solutions would affect face time with patients.

“By recognising the key challenges physicians face when
implementing health IT and the increase of direct-to-consumer digital health
apps, the AMA aims to help physicians navigate and maximise technology for
improved patient care and professional satisfaction,” according to the report.


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