Altron HealthTech and Market Mx have launched a digital solution to assist in growing general healthcare private practices.

The MediNet Connect is a digital marketing service is compliant with the marketing regulations of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Its focus is to help practices embrace digital and social media to attract potential patients and cases and to help them embark on their digital transformation journey.

 By having a well-designed digital presence, practices will be ensuring their patients have easy and seamless access to resources such as booking appointments.

“Our belief is that the effective use of technology can fundamentally transform the healthcare ecosystem by enabling collaboration across businesses to leverage individual capabilities. This is just one way we can provide even greater value to our customers,” says Altron HealthTech’s MD, Leslie Moodley.

The lack of HPCSA compliant digital and social media marketing was identified as one of the challenges within the ecosystem, particularly within the general practitioner market. This has led to the company embarking on a strategic drive to support the sustainability and optimal growth of healthcare practices.

“Our strategic partnership with Market Mx is an initiative which will provide practitioners with the latest digital tools to rapidly connect patients to the services they provide. Ultimately this will drive better health outcomes, leading to more sustainable practices,” says Moodley.

“Market Mx is solely focused on the healthcare industry and has a proven track record of delivering a return on investment through its partnerships and clients”, says Dr Benji Ozynski , Chief Medical Officer at Market Mx.

“Private practices are realising the importance of a digital presence. However, factors such as lack of knowledge around the HPCSA marketing guidelines and trying to translate medical terminology to generalist agencies have been a stumbling block for practices,” he says.

“Market Mx has solved these problems. All services are in line with HPCSA regulations, and our focus is only on the medical field.”

Research done as far back as 20181 shows that 80% of patients used the internet to make healthcare-related searches. 63% of patients are said to select one provider over another because of a strong online presence. In 2021, these numbers are set to be even higher with the exponential increase in the use of technology across all aspects of life, brought on by Covid-19. 

“This is just the beginning of our journey. While we remain committed to our strategy to ensure our customers grow and sustain their businesses, we are seeking ways to repivot Altron HealthTech in the healthcare space with profound innovative solutions that enable us to connect our customers to their customers; ultimately simplifying patient care through technology that satisfies the demands of the evolving healthcare ecosystem”, concludes Moodley.


*|Report- Customer Experience Trends in Healthcare

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