SAMA has again called on doctors to submit their financial
data for the Practice Cost Study survey as a matter of urgency, extending the
deadline again from 28 February to 31 March.

“Now more than ever, it is important for us to actively
participate in issues affecting our sustainability,” the association says in a

To submit data, doctors need to do the following:

1. Send a copy of your last financial statements to or direct
to .
You can delete your turnover and profit lines in the statements if you so wish.

2. Click the link below button to download and complete your
practice costs in the Financial Survey Spreadsheet. Once the spreadsheet has
been completed, you need to save and send it by pressing the EMAIL button
which will automatically send the results to

If you would like to complete all 3 surveys, you can access
them on the below link:

HealthMan CEO, Casper Venter confirmed earlier this month
that a total of 500 completed surveys have been received from various
specialties.  However, more are needed to
make the study truly representative. Venter particularly appealed to GPs to
participate in the project as they are underrepresented in the studies received
up until now.

The information will assist private doctors in receiving
professional remuneration, over and above the overhead costs of running a
private practice, SAMA pointed out in a communication sent out earlier this