The DUX Academy of Healthcare (DUXAH), as part of its Professional Development Programme, has given notice once again of a comprehensive range of CPD courses it now has available for public and private sector healthcare professionals.

Evolved from within SpesNet – a company originally established by medical specialists to assist private practising healthcare professionals with the business of healthcare and associated practice management – DUXAH has become responsible for the development and implementation of its national Professional Development Programme consisting primarily of CEU accredited seminars. 
Adjunctive to these are the CPD courses applicable to all the country’s healthcare professionals. Only prerequisite is that they register/are registered as members of the organisation.

Course topics include, but are not limited to:

Managed Care Interventions (3 General CEUs)

Leadership and Influence (2 Ethic CEUs)

Considering the structure of your medical practice (2 General CEUs)

Archiving and record keeping (2 Ethic CEUs)

Medical Schemes Act (3 General CEUs)

Internet Marketing fundamentals (2 Ethic CEUs)

National Health Act (2 Ethic CEUs)

Cyber Security (2 Ethic CEUs)

Children’s Act (3 Ethic CEUs)

Consumer Protection Act (3 General CEUs)

Budgets and Financial Reporting (2 Ethic CEUs)

POPI Act (2 Ethic CEUs)

Managing Personal Finances (2 Ethic CEUs)

Promotion to access of information Act (2 Ethic CEUs)

Negotiation Skills (2 Ethic CEUs)

Basic Bookkeeping (2 Ethic CEUs)

Human Resources (2 Ethic CEUs)

Risk Assessment and management (2 Ethic CEUs)

Prescribed Minimum Benefits (2 General CEUs)

Patient Records (2 Ethic CEUs)

*Further details can be accessed at or by contacting the DUX Academy of Healthcare direct at 012 110 4115.