With technology being woven into every industry to discover smarter ways of working, the healthcare industry is no exception. As a healthcare practitioner or facility, how you improve operational efficiency is, in fact, becoming a vital success driver.

Just from an administration point of view, technological advances allow instant access to safer centralised digital records that follow patients through their entire healthcare journey, with shared access given to primary care providers, specialists, laboratories and medical aids. And, of course, the rate of development in specialist equipment has the potential to completely change the landscape on any given day.

In short, less time is being wasted.

It’s not surprising that this quest to streamline has grown beyond core business functions. Many medical professionals are looking at each and every facet of their practices for innovation. 

OUTsurance Business is the insurance partner who understands the changing dynamics of your business, and therefore custom fits solutions to suit your specific needs. Take a look at why they’re renowned for innovative products and world-class service:

Insurance OUTovation

OUTsurance continues to revolutionise the insurance industry. A pioneering spirit keeps them at the forefront of generating new ideas and developing new products to make your insurance journey as convenient as possible. With the latest in innovation, insurance has never been easier.

Do more of your insurance online

OUTsurance has made it easy for you to make updates to your business’ details, vehicle information and even banking details, all from the convenience of their app and web portal. You can also download your policy document, schedule, and confirmation of cover documents, find out when your next OUTbonus is due, and even complete certain claims.

Track your claim in real-time

You can track the progress of your claim through Claims Tracker, an innovative system that gives you step-by-step progress of your claim, all from the convenience of your phone or PC.

Request a breakdown service through the OUTsurance app

Getting assistance on the road or at your premises is as easy as a click on the app, with service providers ready to help, 24/7, 365.

For innovative insurance for your medical practice, speak to Business OUTsurance Agents. They’ll give you the right insight on how you can cover your business, without you having to figure everything out yourself. Make the call now and they’ll come to you to assess your business at your premises.

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