Three factors could explain physician burnout

Physician burnout is becoming a worldwide crisis. An article in The American Journal of Medicine looks at some of the main contributing factors.

Retinal thinning could provide early sign of Parkinson’s disease

Thinning of retina linked to loss of dopamine-producing brain cells

NHI should take heed of HMI recommendations: SAPPF

As the deadline approaches for the submission on comment on the NHI and Medical Schemes Amendment Bill, government has been urged to wait for the Health Market Inquiry’s final report in November before going ahead with the implementation of the two pieces of legislation

Degenerative eye diseases associated with Alzheimer’s risk

Age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma were all associated with a higher risk of developing Alzheimer's disease in a new study

Crisis summit on implications of NHI Bill on clinical practice

Trade union, Solidarity’s Guild for Health Care Practitioners invites GPs and specialists to attend a crisis summit on the recently released NHI Bill

Blue light from digital devices hastens blindness

Blue light exposure found to cause retinal to trigger reactions that generate poisonous chemical molecules in photoreceptor cells

Concerns mounting over private healthcare’s place in proposed NHI

With only three weeks left before the deadline for comment on the recently released NHI Bill expires, the place of private healthcare in the proposed system is increasingly questioned

September NHI, practice management seminars for Polokwane, Bloemfontein and Pretoria

Authorities to unpack NHI impact on health professionals and profitability of a healthy practice

Health professional numbers in SA up by more than 50% –...

But distribution of healthcare providers remains disproportionate in terms of geographical location and population needs

HMI recommendations opportunity to better integrate public/private sectors

Inquiry evidence makes case for urgent reform, creates duty on government to act – SECTION27

Radical transformations globally needed to achieve UHC

Technological innovation, expansion of the use of frontline personnel such as community health workers, and rapid increases in healthcare financing are likely to be instrumental to achieving UHC in countries around the world

National Medical Awards initiative to recognize independent primary care contributions

Awards promise to be industry’s most sought after accolade – ASAIPA CEO, Dr Unben Pillay

Corneal infection from sleeping in contacts detailed

Six patients reported sleeping in lenses on regular basis; most had vision loss, permanent damage

Eye examination can help detect abuse in children

Health professionals have a responsibility to consider abuse in the differential diagnosis of paediatric eye trauma

Medical practitioners concerned, skeptical about NHI, research shows

Trade union, Solidarity has held a crisis summit for healthcare practitioners on the proposed NHI and its possible impact on the health system. The organisation also released the findings of a survey showing that practitioners are generally negative about the plan.

Medical schemes likely to be severely impacted by new amendments

The Medical Schemes Amendment Act released yesterday will not only change the way schemes do business but could also impact on their sustainability in the long run

SAMA calls for CODESA on NHI

SAMA has slammed the NHI Bill in its submission to the Department of Health, requesting “CODESA” like consultations with healthcare professionals on the plan

Incident contrast sensitivity common in middle-aged adults

Factors linked to elevated risk include cadmium level in highest quintile, older age, more plaque sites