First rapid antibiotic resistance testing and analysis multidimensional system developed

Researchers have invented the world's first multidimensional antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) system. The new technology can provide information about drug resistant pathogens present in patients, enabling doctors...

Simple test for oesophageal cancer could save millions of lives

Cancer of the oesophagus claims more than 400 000 lives around the world each year. With no efficient, reliable method of screening for the disease, by...

2019 promises another tough year for the healthcare industry

HealthMan Senior Consultant, Dr Johann Serfontein takes a look at what 2019 holds for the private healthcare sector

Physician burnout declared a ‘public health crisis’ in US

Healthcare organisations in the US have published a paper stating that burnout among physicians has become so pervasive that it should be deemed a public health...

Haemochromatosis mutation linked to other morbidity

Higher rates of at least one incident-linked condition seen in men, women with HFE p.C282Y homozygosity

Digital cancer chemotherapy pill launched

A digital medicine manufacturer in the US, Proteus Digital Health in conjunction with the University of Minnesota Health has announced what it describes as the first...

New blood test for pancreatic cancer may detect disease earlier

 A new approach to pancreatic cancer screening may help doctors detect the disease in people at high risk before it reaches more advanced and difficult-to treat...

Fasting can improve overall health: study

Protects against aging-associated diseases

Practitioners advised not to respond to additional PCNS documentation request

Request for additional personal details ‘unreasonable, not backed by regulatory requirements’

Eating more fibre linked to reduced NCD-risk

People consuming high levels of dietary fibre and whole grains have lower risk of all cause and cardiovascular mortality and incidence of common non-communicable diseases (NCDs)...

Shortening of medical internships considered as SA runs out of space...

A one-year internship for newly-qualified doctors is back on the cards

Antibiotic resistance in environment linked to faecal pollution

Virus specific to bacteria in human faeces shown to be highly correlated to abundance of antibiotic resistance genes in environmental samples

Colonoscopy every 10 years does not increase risk

Negative colonoscopy result in average-risk patients was associated with lower risk of colorectal cancer and related deaths for more than 12 years after examination

Probiotics effective for functional abdominal pain in children

Study participants who received probiotics were significantly more likely to have improvements in pain than those on placebo

HMI provides details on upcoming supplier-induced demand seminar

The Health Market Inquiry will hold a seminar on its provisional findings on supplier-induced demand on 22 February

New SA Medical Association chair DR ANGELIQUE COETZEE: ‘Getting SAMA back...

The next three years will, without a doubt, be among the most challenging for all the major players across the South African healthcare landscape. Newly-elected SA...

Should patients call doctors by their first names?*

For some this is OK but for others, a problem…

Patients need practical surgical recovery advice

Patients given catchphrases about how they’ll feel better, but these are not always true says surgeon with own post-op experiences