Changed breathing tube type saves more lives from sudden cardiac arrest

Study showed a change in use of breathing tube improves odds of survival

Radical transformations globally needed to achieve UHC

Technological innovation, expansion of the use of frontline personnel such as community health workers, and rapid increases in healthcare financing are likely to be instrumental to achieving UHC in countries around the world

Concerns mounting over private healthcare’s place in proposed NHI

With only three weeks left before the deadline for comment on the recently released NHI Bill expires, the place of private healthcare in the proposed system is increasingly questioned

‘Safe’ UV light may prevent infections in catheters, cardiac drivelines

Optical fibers that emit a type of UV light that's safe for skin - but deadly for drug-resistant bacteria - may be able to prevent infections around skin-penetrating medical devices, new research shows

Do doctors really know how to diagnose a heart attack?

Confusion over how to diagnose a heart attack is set to be cleared up with new guidance launched at the European Society of Cardiology Congress currently being held in Munich

National Medical Awards initiative to recognize independent primary care contributions

Awards promise to be industry’s most sought after accolade – ASAIPA CEO, Dr Unben Pillay

OHSC will bring public health core standards ‘up to speed’

National office intervention will eliminate current provincial shortcomings, D-G assures

Occupational Guild for Healthcare Practitioners launched

Trade Union Solidarity has launched an Occupational Guild for Healthcare Practitioners aimed at protecting and supporting healthcare practitioners in the light of mounting concerns about the possible devastating impact the NHI will have on the health system as a whole

Medical practitioners concerned, skeptical about NHI, research shows

Trade union, Solidarity has held a crisis summit for healthcare practitioners on the proposed NHI and its possible impact on the health system. The organisation also released the findings of a survey showing that practitioners are generally negative about the plan.

Patients with healthcare-associated infections suffer social, emotional pain

The consequences of HAIs reach well beyond patients’ physical health, souring social relationships, and leading some healthcare providers to distance themselves from affected patients

Simple score to diagnose heart attacks is safer, faster than current...

International researchers have developed a simple lab score that is superior to using cardiac troponin alone for the identification of patients at low and high risk for heart attack or death at emergency department presentation

Five reasons South Africa needs universal health coverage

“The idea of affordable quality healthcare for all can only be achieved through co-operation and buy-in from many different stakeholders”

Three factors could explain physician burnout

Physician burnout is becoming a worldwide crisis. An article in The American Journal of Medicine looks at some of the main contributing factors.

HMI recommendations: good but difficult to implement

Although the Health Market Inquiry’s findings and recommendations are generally good, they face some challenges

Radar could replace stethoscope

In future, mobile radar devices could replace conventional stethoscopes and permanent touch-free monitoring of patients' vital functions could be possible using stationary radar devices

Effectively expressing empathy improves ICU care

Physicians express empathy frequently to families in the pediatric intensive care unit, but more than one-third of empathetic statements are buried by medical jargon that reduces their effectiveness

Germ-zapping robots will feature prominently in the future of hospital hygiene

As concerns over the resistance of germs to antibiotics grows globally, germ-busting robots are expected to play an increasing role in the fight to curb the scourge

NHI should take heed of HMI recommendations: SAPPF

As the deadline approaches for the submission on comment on the NHI and Medical Schemes Amendment Bill, government has been urged to wait for the Health Market Inquiry’s final report in November before going ahead with the implementation of the two pieces of legislation