Physician burnout declared a ‘public health crisis’ in US

Healthcare organisations in the US have published a paper stating that burnout among physicians has become so pervasive that it should be deemed a public health...

Poor blood oxygenation during sleep ups risk of heart-related death

Elderly men who experience extended episodes of interrupted breathing while asleep have a high risk of heart problems. Research shows for the first time that poor...

Fasting can improve overall health: study

Protects against aging-associated diseases

VTA Symposium 2019: Urgent call for registration

Deadline looming for registrations for VTA symposium from 22-24 February

Practitioners advised not to respond to additional PCNS documentation request

Request for additional personal details ‘unreasonable, not backed by regulatory requirements’

Eating more fibre linked to reduced NCD-risk

People consuming high levels of dietary fibre and whole grains have lower risk of all cause and cardiovascular mortality and incidence of common non-communicable diseases (NCDs)...

Shortening of medical internships considered as SA runs out of space...

A one-year internship for newly-qualified doctors is back on the cards

Long-term sitting affects vascular health

May serve as a precursor for initiating the deleterious cardiovascular health response associated with long-term sedentarism

New hypertension targets may not yield survival benefit

Researchers reach conclusion after evaluating prevalence of hypertension and associated CVD events

Should patients call doctors by their first names?*

For some this is OK but for others, a problem…

Longer breastfeeding key to slimmer waist, lower CVD risk

Breastfeeding duration, researchers suggest, may be important to consider when studying long-term maternal cardiovascular, metabolic health

Patients need practical surgical recovery advice

Patients given catchphrases about how they’ll feel better, but these are not always true says surgeon with own post-op experiences

Failure of timely stop to certain prescription drugs common

So-called legacy prescribing can contribute to over-medication and adverse drug events

Significance of continued traditional medicine use in region confirmed

Study of traditional medicine finds high use in Sub-Saharan Africa despite modern medicine

Holiday stress can trigger heart attacks

Higher risk seen on Christmas Eve, particularly in older adults with diabetes, heart disease

Boehringer’s diabetes drug declared 2018’s Best International Product

Boehringer Ingelheim’s sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT-2) inhibitor, JardianceÒ (empagliflozin), has been announced winner of the 2018 Prix Galien International Award in the category “Best Pharmaceutical Product”. The Prix Galien...

DNA study shows stethoscopes loaded with bacteria, including staphylococcus

Findings suggest common cleaning methods leave bacteria behind

Influenza hospitalization more likely in underweight, obese

Doctors should consider body mass index when deciding on treatment course