25-28 July 2019: Joint ALLSA/SATS/CWIG 2019 Congress

Venue: CSIR, Pretoria Contact:  claries@londocor.co.za  Website: http://www.challengingbeliefs.co.za/

Oral immunotherapy promising for wheat allergy

Well-designed multicentre study welcome addition to literature on wheat allergy

Pretoria’s Angelique Coetzee elected new SAMA chair

Medical icon Prof Hoosen Coovadia becomes association president for the year

Summit deliberations lacked anything new: Sonderup

More attention could have been given to ‘elephant in the room’

Presidential Summit gets underway with clear directives

Crucial for stakeholders to deliberate collectively in meeting challenges, providing solutions

SAMA resolves differences over Presidential Health Summit attendance

SAMA says an amicable resolution has been reached with the organisers of this week’s Presidential Health Summit after it was initially excluded from the event

Study confirms link between increased allergy risk and C-section

A new study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology has confirmed that children born by C-section have an increased allergy risk

Childhood risk profiles affect middle-age lung function

Children with frequent asthma, allergies and who smoke as adults are most vulnerable group

Constitutional rights need to be better reflected in final HMI report...

Panel also urged to seek commitment from inquiry subject stakeholders to participate in reforms constructively

Study assesses current and future impact of biologics on paediatric asthma

Researchers have performed a comprehensive review of the current state and future potential of using biologic medications to treat asthma in children.

Respiratory illness warning issued on wood, coal food cooking

Cohort study finding said to make compelling case to speed up global implementation of universal access to affordable clean energy

SAMA calls for CODESA on NHI

SAMA has slammed the NHI Bill in its submission to the Department of Health, requesting “CODESA” like consultations with healthcare professionals on the plan

Paracetamol use in infancy linked to increased asthma risk in some...

Specific variants in the GST genes seem to play a role in greater susceptibility to lung problems

Repeat vaccination safe for most kids with mild to moderate reactions

Children who experience some type of adverse event following initial immunisation have a low rate of recurrent reactions to subsequent vaccinations

Inhaled steroids may increase risk of nontuberculous mycobacteria lung infections

Patients using inhaled steroids to control asthma and other breathing problems may be at greater risk for developing nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) lung infections

Beverages with free fructose linked to increased allergy risk in children

Adolescents with a high intake of beverages with free or added fructose have a five-fold increase of allergy symptoms

Physician burnout rates vary by medical specialty

A survey among 15 000 clinicians in the US has shown that burnout is related to specialties with critical care and neurology considered to be the most stressful

C-section children run increased risk of developing food allergies

Children born by caesarean, or C-section, more often develop food allergies, a study of more than a million children has shown