Those health care workers in line with the Department of Health’s vaccination roll-out approach who have not yet been vaccinated must register for their vaccinations as soon as possible.

In a circular just released by Director-General of Health, Dr S Buthelezi, it has been noted that in line with the National Department of Health’s original phased approach to the roll out, phase 1 of the vaccination roll out should ensure vaccination of all HCWs: “Phase 2 of the roll out has started and still not all the HCWs have been vaccinated. We need to respond to this as fast as possible,” the D-G adds.

Deadline for registrations, as detailed below, will be 31 July, 2021.

The following categories of persons are classified as Health Care Workers (HCWs):

Nurses (all categories); Medical doctors (all categories and specialisations); Dentists, dental therapists and oral hygienists; Clinical associates;  Community health workers / liaison and development officers employed by provincial

Departments of Health:  Environmental Health practitioners (working for municipalities and provincial Departments of Health);  Pharmacists and Pharmacist Assistants (fully registered/post-basic /basic); Radiographers;  Emergency Medical Practitioners; Allied health staff (physiotherapists/occupational therapists /psychologists /optometrists/speech therapists /audiologists /biokinetics /nutritionists /dieticians); Registered occupational health staff;  Clinical and medical technologists at clinical laboratory services; Clinical and medical technologists at forensic medical laboratory services;  Blood Transfusion Services laboratory technicians; Staff working in forensic mortuaries; Orthotists /prosthetists/podiatrists; Alternative medicine practitioners (homeopaths/osteopaths/chiropractors); Medical/dental /nursing /pharmacy students that are on the clinical training platform; Staff working at national and provincial health departments and district health offices.

Also included are officials employed by National Port Health Authorities; Health staff at Department of Correctional Services;  South African Military Health Services (SAMHS); Cleaners/housekeeping staff at health establishments and care facilities; Security services at health establishments and care facilities; Administrative staff at health establishments and care facilities;  Staff working in student health services at TVETs and HEIs; Funeral workers (formal funeral homes and volunteers from registered burial societies);  Registered traditional healers

“To ensure that only eligible HCWs register and receive vaccines during this phase of the rollout,” the circular continues, “there is a need to put in place some checks and verification. These verification checks will ensure that only those that are eligible are able to receive their vaccination.”

·         All HCW’s Registered with a statutory council (SANC /HPCSA /SAPC/AHPCSA) are eligible

·         and can register individually on the V4HCW platform (see details below) and book for a vaccination appointment.

·         All HCW employed by the Department of Health with a Persal Number are eligible and can

·         register individually on V4HCW platform  and book for a vaccination appointment.

HCWs without Persal Number or a Professional Council Registration Number: This verification process is essential for all frontline HCWs who do not have a Persal Number or a Professional Council Registration Number. Employers of these health care workers can assist their employees by supplying a consolidated list of these employees wanting to be vaccinated.

V4HCW registration:

·         All individuals must still self-register on the V4HCW platform to schedule an appointment, irrespective of the verification list completed.

·         When self-registering on V4HCW, the individual will be prompted to complete the categories for verification. Please click “VERIFIED HCW”.

·         HCWs, whether they have a medical aid or not will be scheduled to the most accessible private or public vaccination site, no SMS required from EVDS prior to vaccination.

SOURCE: Department of Health circular