BETADINE® is an important and well-established consumer healthcare brand within Mundipharma South Africa’s wider portfolio. It has been used by hospitals, doctors and consumers around the world for over 55 years

The BETADINE® portfolio comprises a comprehensive range of products in the Wound Care, Oral Care, Scalp Care and Feminine Care categories, which are available over the counter in pharmacies and are used in hospitals.

BETADINE® Antiseptics, which contain the active ingredient povidone-iodine (PVP-I), have been proven to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause the spread of infectious diseases.1-3
BETADINE® products that contain PVP-I are available in a number of different formulations but all have the same purpose – to provide broad‐spectrum protection and support against infections1-3 – and can be important components in families’ first aid kits and medicine cabinets.

The recent launch of the BETADINE™ Daily Intimate Care range represents the brand’s expansion into the feminine care category in South Africa. The range comprises three unique products – Intimate Foam, Intimate Wash and Intimate Wipes – which provide daily protection from unwanted symptoms associated with pH imbalance, such as odour, itch or irritation.4

Made from all-natural ingredients, including prebiotics, and with a unique TRI-CARE+™ formulation, BETADINE™ Daily Intimate Care products provide women with gentle protection all day long.4-8

Mundipharma South Africa General Manager, Shannon te Roller, said: “Following the establishment of Mundipharma South Africa in 2011, we took back control of the BETADINE® brand in 2014 and have been actively building and expanding the brand since then. The fact that BETADINE® has been voted ‘Product of the Year’ in two categories by consumers is a testament to both the work that we’ve put in and the quality of the products.

“Historically, BETADINE® has been recognized as a successful high-quality treatment brand. 

2018 was milestone in terms of moving into the daily care space – Mundipharma introduced the BETADINE™ Intimate Cleansers range line of cosmetic products designed specifically for daily intimate hygiene needs of South African Women”. Its immediate success is very

®: BETADINE is a Registered Trademark
™: TRI-CARE+ is a Trademark of Mundipharma