While it
has been very much a case of business as usual for the three Altron entities,
MediSwitch and MedeServe as they have become clustered under the Altron 
banner in recent months, respective clients have definitely enjoyed the

predicted by ME Gideon Brits when announcing the development last year, the
change has, for example, made it easier for medical practices in particular now
having a single account manager as point of contact for all their needs across
the Altron group.

developments were key to Altron repositioning itself for growth through the introduction
of the One Altron strategy, which, Brits explained, was, in short, one purpose,
one vision, one set of values and one goal to be achieved in the next five
years: “In line with the One Altron strategy, we are updating our brand,
aligning it to Altron’s vision to be the leading technology solutions provider,
with the purpose of delivering innovation that matters.

assured that both Med-e-Mass and MediSwitch will continue to serve you as they
have done for the past 26+ years, albeit under the Altron HealthTech banner and
dressed in fresh new colours.”

subsequent Altron HealthTech messages have been based on the pretext that becoming
a digitised healthcare practice does not need to be difficult. Points made in
this regard have included:

software solutions capture and communicate important medical information and
minimise medical error. They support compliance with clinical standards and
protocols without losing meaningful interaction at the point of care.

effort and fragmented medical information can be avoided. Using global interoperability
standards, the HealthTech solutions enable real-time, valuable communication
between patient, practitioner and insurer.

and business insights, population health data, decision support and Artificial

have become integral parts of modern healthcare. Through carefully calculated,
relevant analytics, the HealthTech software reduces risk, enhances patient care
and improves practice efficiency.

supplied by Altron HealthTech