African Health Business (AHB), in a call for all health professionals and groups on the African continent to participate, has given notice that deadline for response to the World Health Organisation (WHO) survey in response to COVID-19 is now Thursday, 7 May.

AHB is the business arm of the African Health Federation of which the recently established Health Federation of SA is an affiliate

“The goal,” AHB notes in a notice media, “is to reach at least 300 replies per country.

“Countries which achieve a high number of replies will be supplied a country report on the results of the survey,” it adds, encouraging health care professionals and groups to do either all of the following:

·         Posting the survey on your social media platforms

·         Posting the Survey link on your website

·         Including the Survey link in your newsletter

·         Sharing the survey link with your contacts on WhatsApp 

*Survey link