unfortunate reality for most African healthcare professionals (HCPs) is one in
which limited resources exist that enable and empower them to provide the life-changing
work needed within the different communities. African HCPs carry extra weight
in an imbalanced reality where the knowledge of few serves the needs of many as
the African Region average of 1.5 HCPs per 1000 population, are far below the
4.5 per 1000 required for sustainable growth1.

“Due to the
lack of resources and the vast shortage of HCPs currently serving large communities
across the African continent, African HCPs are being exposed to far greater
risks in terms of misdiagnoses and malpractice. HCPs are struggling to meet the
ever-growing healthcare needs of our society,” says Werner Swanepoel, Managing
Director of Medical Practice Consulting (MPC), the healthcare division of Pioneering
Solutions Studio. “To put it simply, our HCPs need help and we want to give it
to them” adds Swanepoel.

MPC is
proud to introduce, in partnership with the Foundation for Professional
Development (FPD) and Ebix, African HCPs to the A.D.A.M. Suite of Healthcare
Products. This new partnership will offer African HCPs with access to CME/CPD accredited,
online specialist content from leading international universities.

specialist content made available by partnering with A.D.A.M. will provide African
HCPs with international expertise at the click of a button, and the opportunity
to strengthen their knowledge and reduce the exposure they face in meeting
Africa’s huge healthcare demands.” explains Swanepoel.

More than
50 accredited A.D.A.M. courses, containing over 1000 videos, will be available
on the MPC Online Medical Education Platform. The A.D.A.M. course content are
based on interactive video material and delivered by international healthcare experts.
Course launching titles will include:

Paediatric Anaesthesiology

Pancreatobiliary Pathology

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Review of Neurology

Revie of Family Medicine


Symptom Evaluation for Primary Care

Paediatric Care Series

Acute Care Surgery

Radiation Oncology

Orthopaedic Surgery Board Review

“For the first time, African HCPs can access
accredited CPD courses containing the foremost international specialist medical
content at greatly reduced prices!” says Swanepoel. He adds that when combined
with the current CPD compliance services offered at no cost on MPC’s medical
education and compliance platform, HCPs can rest assured that innovative
solutions for HCP challenges are the focus point of MPC.

For more information on the A.D.A.M. course
offering on MPC visit

1 World
Health Organization, 2017. What needs to
be done to solve the shortage of health workers in the African Region.
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